What now? Recruitment! Is a highly trusted, multicultural recruitment agency.

Founded in 2014, we break the mold when it comes to multicultural diversity recruitment agencies. With a straightforward approach, we know how to get results for both our clients and candidates.

If you’re looking for recruitment agencies in New York that provide reliable services and trusted advice, What now? Recruitment! The team has you covered! We recruit for jobs in New York and across New York State and as far as recruitment agencies go, we’re a bit different! We’re a focused on helping you meet the demands of the world, with a focus on female, and minority HIRES!

A job shouldn’t be a drag, that’s why The What now? Recruitment! Team Isten to the candidate’s needs and match them perfectly to our clients. We invest in every client and every candidate, addressing individual goals to ensure everyone comes out on TOP.

That means reliable, professional, NO BULL RECRUITMENT.

The What now? Recruitment team is based in NYC, but recruits for jobs in all of New York City and State, so basically everywhere in between!

At What now? Recruitment! , we’re always on the lookout for exciting new clients, as well as talented candidates that are searching for their dream jobs in New York City – New York State and beyond!


You have very specific needs looking for a woman to join the team OR looking to make your team more MULTICULTURAL?. And, chances are, you also have a very specific vision of your next job OR EMPLOYEE —the location, the boss, the people, the pay. Tell us about it. We have specific skills, too. Like finding you the job you want.

Our Recruitment Sectors Include:

  • Accountancy & Finance
  • Call & Contact Centre
  • Construction & Trade
  • Cyber Security
  • Equipment Rental
  • Financial Services
  • FMCG
  • Healthcare
  • HR
  • Industrial
  • IT / Marketing / Admin
  • Primary Care
  • Sales
  • Technical / Engineering
  • Temp Jobs
  • Transport / Logistics

What can The What now? Recruitment! Team offer?

  • CV advice
  • Interview preparation
  • Your own assigned consultant
  • Salary negotiation
  • Temporary and Permanent roles
  • Your dream job! No Bull.
  • CV advice
  • Interview preparation
  • Your own assigned consultant
  • Salary negotiation
  • Temporary and Permanent roles
  • Your dream job! No Bull.

We’re reshaping the future of resourcing and Recruitment consulting. By making the right connections, from analyst to expert, we help ambitious companies and people affect meaningful growth – for a day, a month, a year or forever.

65% of HR leaders say that recruiting is the hardest part of their job
It’s not easy to build a team that you can rely on, that balances each other out and ensures all the needs of your growing company are met.

We are here to help you find the best MULTICULTURAL and female candidates to fit your business and culture in the shortest time possible.

5 ADVANTAGES OF What now? Recruitment !

Faster Hiring, Higher Quality candidates, Human Behavioral Interview skills, Cultural Knowledge, Diversity focused
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