COVID-19 HR Brief for

Small Business

What now HR is committed to helping the small business community tackle the uncertainty caused by the coronavirus. So, we’re offering HR assistance to businesses affected by the situation. We’re in this together.
  • Sick leave policy + health questions to avoid
  • Remote & flexible worksite policy
  • How to properly take action with employees
  • Coronavirus and COVID-19
  • COVID-19 Employee Return-to-Work Survey
  • Coronavirus Warning Poster for Business Entrances
  • New Types of Jobs Emerge From COVID-19
  • Many Professionals DREAD returning to the workplace
  • How to have town hall meetings without spreading the coronavirus
  • How the Coronavirus Pandemic will change the way we work
  • Covid-19 Retune to work survey
  • Memos related to Covid Employee Screening Procedures
  • Delayed Background checks Amendments due to covid -19
  • What to do when an employee refuses to return to work and still collects unemployment?
  • What to do when scared workers won't return to work due to Covid-19 ?
  • How to investigate whether coronavirus infections are work related?
  • How to investigate whether coronavirus infections are work related?
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