What now HR is a Human Resources consulting firm, working with modern Boutique – Retail and Restaurant businesses, founded and operated by former Corporate, Executive Human Resource Guru and active entrepreneur. We bring forth over 20 years of combined Human Resource experience, working with some of INC magazines, top retail, restaurants and small businesses in the nation.

Goal the transformation of the everyday HR responsibilities; with a focus on utilizing your employees full talents while, keeping Human Resources reporting simple, reliable, efficient and under budget. What now HR understands how simple it is to train a in house HR Administrator to run the day- to – day Human Resources functions.

Mixing various cutting-edge HRIS, Payroll and benefit software. We transform your office manager, clerical assistant, executive assistant into your go to Payroll, Benefits, on boarding , recruiting and Labor Law guru. Helping you reallocate company funds back into your business! Invest in quality upgrades that will benefit your clients and retain your talent.

What now HR represents retail, restaurant or small business owners that are seeking versatile, reliable and efficient options to run their Human Resources departments with an upscale, White Glove Touch, trained affordable Human Resources team or person that can wear many hats within your organization. Our training tools are real time and hands on designed to give birth to a knowledgeable confident HR Administrator presently on your team, 2 for 1 utilize our team until we train up your team member.

What We Do

We train, educate and handhold your chosen employee on how to implement and operate Human Resources daily duties to ensure that your company achieve bottom-line results by working with them from project initiation through implementation. End RESULT they learn the 411-101 of real time Human Resources.

How we build Capabilities

We help organizations identify, build, train learnable Human Resources functions the capabilities they need to continuously improve performance and deliver state, federal and city legal impact via Human Resources to your

Speed & Flexibility

Our clients achieve impact faster through flexible, tailored Human Resources solutions taught and delivered via a chosen in-house employee. We provide a suite of unique proprietary resources, ranging from rapid diagnostic tools We place an HR consulting expert on-site to train with a chosen employee in your office.


Three things define our approach:

First, we bring analytical rigor to the science of teaching current employees new skill sets, using facts and benchmarks to scope the opportunity and measure results.

Second, every effort to strengthen organizations is integrated with Human Resource initiatives? executing strategy, improving operations, meeting customer and employee needs.

Third, we focus not just on short-term results with your new HR employee, but on building organizational health via their training with long term HR education—the capabilities and qualities that underpin sustained Human Resources growth performance.

We make it work for you, your business, your team.

Our Mission is your Mission:

You pick the human and What now HR will teach them how to manage and grow the Human Resources functions for your company.
Our Mission – Teach you:

  • Implementation
  • Operations
  • Organization
  • Risk Management
  • Sustainability, Resource Productivity for all your Human Resources activities


Hi I’m Lauren Casimir founder of What now HR.
I’ve been an accredited Director along with VP of Human Resources for various fortune 500 firms along with small retail firms as a consultant for the last 15 year in multiple industry. My educational credits include New York University, Columbia, PACE I’m a holder of such certifications as the SPHR, GPHR along with New York State Sexual Harassment License to train.

In 2014, I launched my consulting firm What now HR. A full scale Human Resources, benefits and payroll, legal firm combining my entrepreneurial experience along with multiple certifications in Human Resources with a focus on the East Coast and California. I’ve spent the last 15 years, providing clients with the on-call or remote services they require for their entrepreneurial focused Firms and Restaurants.

My team at What now HR is ideal for rapidly growing businesses with little to NO Human Resources experience and support, are you a retailer, restaurant or firm CALL Lauren and her team NOW!

Call us Anytime At: 646-361-2307